Our Story

Before there was a Puffy Muffin™, there were women in Lynda Stone’s life who shared a love of cooking. Not simply “cooking”, but “creative cooking”. Her mother, grandmothers and aunts – all excellent cooks – taught Lynda just how imaginative cooking could be, and shared with her many of their favorite recipes. Lynda caught their passion for creative cooking, which to this day inspires her imagination and pursuit of excellence.

In 1986, Lynda and her husband Jack were raising two daughters, Kristi and Ali, in Franklin, Tennessee. For years, family and friends enjoyed Lynda’s cooking, continually raving about her homemade bread and rolls. Lynda, who had dreamed of starting a home-based business, wondered if perhaps this was the answer – selling her homemade rolls and bread to Nashville area restaurants! And there, in the family kitchen, Puffy Muffin™ was born. The dream of a home-based business was about to be realized. It wasn’t long before orders outgrew her kitchen’s capacity. It was time for the next step – renting commercial bakery space in a local grocery store. Not long after that, in 1992, Puffy Muffin™ moved to the H.G. Hill Center in Brentwood where it became a bakery and a restaurant. Lynda’s hard work and initiative had taken Puffy Muffin™ from family kitchen to prime retail location. It went beyond bread and rolls to an imaginative palette of dessert bakery goods and delightful food. The love of family and creative cooking had successfully made its way from her home into the lives of guests and the community.

In 2019, Lynda passed the torch to her daughter, Kristi Stone. “It is truly an honor for our family to be serving you for more than three decades and I’m grateful to continue our family legacy,” says Kristi.

Puffy Muffin™’s relentless pursuit of new desserts and food to delight their guests. Central to it all is imagination. Imagination to say, “yes” to create a one-of-kind wedding cake. Imagination to cater an event that fulfills a host’s “dream menu.” Imagination to create new and delightful food for breakfast and lunch. Imagination to provide each guest what they need to fully enjoy their visit. They have a saying at Puffy Muffin™, “The answer is ‘Yes.’ What is the question?” If you can dream it, they can make it. All it takes is imagination. Puffy Muffin™’s open-ended invitation to their guests is simple, “Taste Imagination™.”

OUR CORE VALUES: The Lord is our provision. Every guest IS a priority. Smile and make eye contact…it costs nothing but means everything. Listen with intention. YES is the answer. What is the question? Be quick to act. Never speak negatively about a co-worker or a guest. Always show respect. Have a server’s heart. Attitude affects ability. Raise the bar…set the standard. Free to fail. Don’t let an opportunity pass. Be a solution seeker, not a complainer. It matters to someone. Our job is a privilege. Your gift is unique…make a difference. A fond farewell with room for sequel.


229 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027

Phone : 615-373-2741

E-Mail : brentwoodinfo@puffymuffin.com

Web : www.puffymuffin.com

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7am-2:30pm     Full menu available
2:30pm-6pm     Kitchen CLOSED. Bakery open until 6pm.



8am-2:30pm     Full menu available
2:30pm-5pm     Kitchen CLOSED. Bakery open until 5pm.



10am-2pm         Sunday Brunch & Bakery open