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“We Serve Hope”


The moment we heard about Big Table, we knew this aligned with our vision and answered the question, “how can we serve.” We have 150 employees at Puffy Muffin. Our staff is the most crucial part of our business. Big Table is an incredible resource to the restaurant and hospitality industry and here’s why.

RESTAURANT AND HOSPITALITY WORKERS ARE IN CRISIS. One in six lives below the poverty line. Most don’t have basic benefits. And a large part of the workforce is comprised of our most vulnerable neighbors – single parents, income insecure seniors, at-risk teens, immigrants, and those formerly incarcerated ready to make a new start. Many struggle with addiction and mental health issues. Many are barely hanging on. And when someone does fall, there’s not a safety net to catch them. THIS IS WHERE THE BIG TABLE STORY BEGINS.

Big Table is more than an organization, it is a movement. There are so many other practical ways to serve those who serve us.

BECOME A REGULAR. Pick a few restaurants, coffee shops and bars, and make a commitment to drop in often. Look for creative ways to truly become friends with the staff.

GET TO KNOW YOUR STAFF. When you go into a restaurant or hotel, take a few extra moments to honestly engage with the staff. Introduce yourself and be intentional about the questions you ask. Then pick up the conversation the next time you see them.

TIP GENEROUSLY. Show your true appreciation both in kind words and big tips. 20% should be a minimum, but look for opportunities to give more.

CARRY LOADED UNEXPECTED 20’S. Request small U20 envelopes through our website and load each of them with a $20 bill Then wait for the opportunity to surprise them. It will make their day, and yours.

WRITE RECEIPT NOTES. With your tip, write a personalized thank you on the restaurant copy of the receipt using your server’s name. Not only will they see it, but their manager will see it too when the receipts are reconciled.

Learn how you can serve.

Lorraine Davis, Marlena Karlsson, Kristi Stone, and Berenice Vasquez Garcia of Puffy Muffin.

Jen Annekin, Blanca & Olivia at Big Table event.


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