Local business leaders share secret to success: The golden rule.
By Tori Thiessen

Kristi Elzinga

It’s Labor Day, a celebration of workers and the society built by their contributions, but many don’t know this day is also a celebration of prosperity, endurance and something Williamson County is quite familiar with — growth.

The Williamson Herald sat down with workers from three staple businesses throughout the county that have endured decades of growth to learn the secret sauce that has made their businesses so successful. Our findings take us back to kindergarten, as each business associate faithfully recited the golden rule.

Adapting to one’s environment is one thing Kristi Elzinga said can make or break a business.

Elzinga is the owner of Puffy Muffin in Brentwood and the daughter of Lynda Stone, who started the restaurant in 1986. Stone began the business by selling bread and rolls out of her own kitchen, which was quickly renovated to include three ovens and a proofer.

The now 33-year-old business serves breakfast and lunch, caters events and creates elaborate custom cakes and desserts, all in the name of “creative cooking.” Elzinga said, to her, creative cooking means thinking outside the box and being resourceful with food.

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