If you don’t know the meaning behind the acronym “GOAT,” you might not understand why Nashville Predator PK Subban got his significant other a goat-shaped cake.

The acronym has become widely known to mean “Greatest Of All Time.” (If you’re wondering where the phrase came from, it seems most give credit to Muhammad Ali’s wife who reportedly incorporated G.O.A.T., Inc. in 1992.)

Subban shared a video to Instagram last week in which he surprises girlfriend and professional ski-racer Lindsey Vonn with the unique cake for her retirement. His message? Vonn is the GOAT.

To help with that message, Subban enlisted the help of Brentwood staple The Puffy Muffin to make the one-of-a-kind cake that looks like something straight out of Buddy Valastro’s kitchen.

But it was in the Puffy Muffin cake room that the goat who donned a green USA hat, an olympic medal and two pink ski poles took form.

Cake Department Manager Meg Aldrich said the cake, which was made in stages, took about a day and a half of work to create.

Aldrich said the goat was almost entirely edible, except for its head.

In order to get the right shape for the goat’s head and curling horns, it needed some wire, hot glue and other non-edible pieces to support the rice-krispies treat foundation.

“You know, sometimes you just gotta keep sticking stuff on there until it stays up,” Aldrich said.

Aldrich said the bakers were given creative control on the goat cake, but some people have more specific requests which can require a consultation.

“We tend to ask for a budget and stick within a budget, and then we can be as wild and crazy as the guests would like us to be,” Aldrich said.

While not all cakes cost an arm and a leg, Aldrich said she has seen shaped cakes cost anywhere from $40 to $750, depending on how much detail goes into them.

“They tend to run around $200 to $350,” Aldrich said, noting that prices depend on serving size and accents.

While the cake may seem otherworldly in its detailed design, Puffy Muffin bakers are no strangers to unique requests. Usually, she said, the shaped or structured cakes are usually requested on a “slightly smaller scale.”

Other labor-intensive designs Aldrich mentioned were an avocado-shaped cake, a gold-painted trumpet cake, and even a fondant Bob Ross cake. When it comes to imagination, it seems Puffy Muffin bakers have no limits.

More of the unique shaped-cakes can be found on the Puffy Muffin Cake Room Instagram page.

The bakery offers specialty cakes all the time, and Aldrich said the same level of attention to detail goes into every cake, no matter the client.

“We make cakes for the people who order them,” Aldrich said. “No matter who the cake is for, we put all the time and detail and love into all of our cakes.”

While Aldrich said the bakery doesn’t have too many big names for clients on a regular basis, she said Puffy Muffin does sometimes make cakes for the Grand Ole Opry. She also said sometimes the bakery finds out after the fact that one of the cakes they made was actually for someone famous.

In a city like Brentwood, encountering a famous person in everyday life isn’t exactly a rarity. Aldrich even said it wasn’t the first cake Puffy Muffin had made for Vonn.

“We were very proud to be able to make the goat cake,” Aldrich said. “We had an opportunity to make a birthday cake for Lindsey…last year, and we were very proud to make that cake as well.”

Puffy Muffin opened in Brentwood in 1992. The Hill Center Brentwood location which owner Lynda Stone chose back then is the same place you can find the signature fresh-baked breads, cakes and brunch today.

In a city celebrating 50 years since incorporation, the 27-year old bakery and restaurant has been around for more than half of Brentwood’s official life.

“We’re lucky to be approached so often because people know us,” Aldrich said.

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