December 7, 2016

For Immediate Release – Contact Gil Hutchinson, President at 615-300-0647


Brentwood-based Puffy Muffin Dessert Bakery & Restaurant has released new holiday-themed designs for its Iced Sugar Cookie. Last month the company introduced the new oversized cookie as a standing item in its bakery at the Brentwood location and announced a long-term commitment to donate ten percent of each cookie sale to The Citizens for Brentwood Green Space.

The Iced Sugar Cookie design is based on the heart-shaped Brentwood Green Space logo, and was introduced to the Brentwood community at Brentwood Green Space’s second annual “A Walk in the Park” event at Smith Park on Sunday, October 30, 2016. The 2016 event attracted over 200 attendees and yielded a $12,000 donation to the City of Brentwood’s for parks.

The holiday-themed cookies are available in several designs and can be individually wrapped or packaged in bulk quantities, and they are a terrific treat for holiday parties, company events, catered events and personal gifts. The holiday-themed Iced Sugar Cookie will be available at Puffy Muffin’s Brentwood location through the end of 2016.
“We felt offering an Iced Sugar Cookie benefitting the Brentwood Green Space organization was a unique way for Puffy Muffin to support their cause,” said Lynda S. Stone, owner and founder of Puffy Muffin. “Brentwood Green Space is doing great things for our community and we wanted to do our part to help them invest in the quality of life that makes Brentwood a special place to live and work.”

“Once again, Puffy Muffin has done something really special for our community,” said Gil Hutchinson, President of Brentwood Green Space. “Now Brentwood families and businesses have a tasty way to show their support for preserving and growing our parks, green spaces and open areas in the City of Brentwood.”

About Citizens for Brentwood Green Space, Inc.
The Citizens for Brentwood Green Space, Inc. is a volunteer citizens group organized as
a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation. Our mission is to preserve open space in the form of
parks, trails, historic sites, and flood plains while being sensitive to the rights of
landowners and developers. CBGS desires to assure that ongoing development of land
resources is accomplished in a way that is beneficial to landowners, to existing citizens
of the city, and to future generations of Brentwood residents. For more information,
please visit, our Facebook Page, “Brentwood Green
Space” and Twitter @BrentwoodGreenS.

About Marcella Vivrette Smith Park
At 400 acres, Marcella Vivrette Smith Park is Brentwood’s largest park and the “crown
jewel” in the Brentwood Park system. It has been conservatively estimated that over
300,000 adults and youth will participate in activities and events held at the park each
year. Population within 5 miles of the park is 75,972.

About A Walk in the Park
Founded in 2015, A Walk in the Park is a community event hosted by Brentwood Green
Space that benefits the City of Brentwood and its parks. Participation in A Walk in the
Park is open to any individual, family, club or team and all net proceeds (total funds
collected minus the cost of the event) will be donated to the City of Brentwood for
upkeep, amenities and improvements at Marcella Vivrette Smith Park. Over the past two years the event has raised nearly $25,000 for the City of Brentwood.

Puffy Muffin Designs Holiday Cookie Benefitting Brentwood Green Space